About Me


Tejas R is the founder and director of Sparky Football. A national level football freestyle champion, Tejas’s passion for football began at a very young age. At the age of 20, Tejas identified the need to engage youth in an effective manner to enable positive youth development, and founded Sparky Football with the intention to create India’s under 19 football team comprising solely of underprivileged youth. A TedX speaker and a “Hero of Bangalore” awardee, Tejas has numerous accolades under his belt for his tireless efforts towards youth empowerment. An avid traveler, Tejas combines his love for football and travel, creating football documentaries as he travels across the globe while working alongside Sparky Football’s partners and collaborators on joint projects. Tejas envisions, creates, and facilitates a better environment for all youth he works with and is determined to champion the Sparky Approach as a choice for youth across India to experience and benefit from.